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Yael Sloma, Pravda

Drawing on an actual court case, this work considers the impossibility of accessing the truth behind a marginal crime allegedly committed by a Russian immigrant.

Despite the fact that he was convicted of a violent robbery, the accused claims he is innocent and that he had not understood what he had confessed, due to language and cultural barriers.


Three-channel HD video with sound, wood, fabric
6:12 minutes duration
Dimensions variable

Yael Sloma, Pravda

Actor: Yuri Grossman
Photography: Elad Schwartz, Yael Danon, Eden Sarna
Production Assistant: Ariel Narunsky

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Yael Sloma, Pravda
Yael Sloma, Pravda

Reviewing the different fragments of his personal background substantiates the possibilities of his guilt as well as innocence. Both options are equally plausible, and the video insists on the impossibility of declaring with certainty which of the two explanations is the more or less probable to really have happened.

Yael Sloma, Pravda
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