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Be Well

Three video channels with one sound channel, fabric
11 minutes duration
600 x 150 cm

Yael Sloma, Be Well

A musical conversation in four acts between a dying grandmother, her granddaughter, and a nurse. The lyrics are based on interviews with family members regarding the conversations they had during the last week of their relative's life. The interviews revealed the inability to communicate according to social norms in a natural, yet suppressed, situation in which its codes are unfamiliar.

The inability to deal with the excluded event is exhibited through a pop culture filter. The grandmother's moribund state can be seen as never-ending, or as coming to an end in the chorus of each act.

Yael Sloma, Be Well
Yael Sloma, Be Well
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Melody and Piano: Yair Seri
Singers: Oneg Shlomovich, Hila Tam, Tal Katsir
Photography: Elad Schwartz, Omri Van Essen
Production assistants: David Shatz, Yael Danon, Rotem Gerstel
Yael Sloma, Be Well
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