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Yael Sloma, The Von Trapps

The Von Trapps

Four video channels with sound
16:20 minutes duration
450 x 250 cm

Yael Sloma, The Von Trapps

The well known Hollywood musical, The Sound of Music, was inspired by the real-life story of Maria and Captain Von-Trapp. On the installation, a video strip exhibits four testimonies of four of Maria and Captain Von-Trapp's grandchildren.

Each one of the grandchildren, who were interviewed separately via Skype, adopted different parts of their family story from the musical and revealed other parts from the real occasions. Each testimony was edited to match compatible scenes from the Hollywood musical. The stories develop respectively.


The work explores the different stories and components that construct an immigrant's descendant identity, in order to realize the
formation of a historical narrative.


The Von Trapps
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