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Untitled (The Dough)

Inkjet print, sound, oil on wood,
flour, water, beer, yeast, and sugar
24 hours duration
Dimensions variable

The work consists of three parts: 

1. Dough – made to continue rising throughout 24 hours. After 36 hours all yeast in the dough are dead. Therefore, the dough is prepared every morning, before the doors of the space are opened.

Yael Sloma, Untitled
Yael Sloma, Untitled
Yael Sloma, Untitled

2. Decorated wall – made of a combination of ornaments from various museums walls located around Europe.
Inkjet print, 440 x 330 cm.

3. Self-made speaking clock – designed according to the UK speaking clock, which counts the time every ten seconds. The clock is accurate to the local time zone.

Sound, 24 hours duration

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