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Four Horsemen

Four video channels with sound, screen, rubber, metal
9:05 minutes
120*35*20 cm

Four Horsemen is a series of short videos, shot in vertical format and shown in black-and-white, referencing a TikTok video or an Instagram story, recording biker meetings on the city's outskirts, in exterritorial settings. In each of the videos, the camera follows anonymous bikers allegorizing customers' compulsive tendency to follow the progression of couriers. The bikers are obsessively preoccupied with their external appearance as well as the maintenance and performance of their vehicles. In the Vision of Zechariah (Zec. 6), God's messengers are described as four mounted horsemen, heralding the coming of an apocalypse. The dizzying fetishistic dance of Sloma's Wolt-like delivery men delays the arrival of the goods-gospel.

Tali Ben-Nun


Four Horsemen, short excerpt

Four Horsemen, video still

Four Horsemen, installation view

Four Horsemen, short excerpt

Videographer: Rachel Shatz

Bikers: Mohamad Mitwaly, Nathan Sitbon, Samuel Abittan, Sleman Abo Ganem

Four Horsemen, installation view

C FETISH 2.00_04_43_07_edited.jpg
C FETISH 2.00_04_29_00_edited.jpg

Four Horsemen, video stills

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